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Retaining Walls

We leave no stone unturned… when building your special stone project.

Stone is the most basic of building materials. From the pyramids of Egypt to the meandering walls of New England, stone has an element of permanence unlike any other. The use of stone has increased in popularity in recent years, with both residential and commercial properties using stone walls to add a unique quality to their landscapes.

Retaining wall construction is learned by doing, and, like most things, practice improves the result. The first thing learned when building stone walls is that, in addition to a big pile of rocks, you also need a big pile of patience. Building a rock wall is similar to trying to complete a puzzle for which there is no single solution.

We have many years of experience in building hand stacked retaining walls and revetments. Whether the design has called for softly curving lines or straight and rigid form, our workmen have built some of the finest stone walls anywhere. We have also constructed stacked stone retaining walls up to 12 feet in height. We have numerous techniques to make your stone wall unique, such as varying the design and materials used, as well as sizes of stone used in the construction.