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Tapias Landscaping
specializes in designing and constructing beautifully aesthetic, energy efficient, and low maintenance ponds and water features that are customized to fit your particular style and taste. We have the ability to transform your property into an exotic underwater world. We work with mother nature in creating water gardens that are beautiful and relaxing. Imagine your everyday lifestyle enhanced with the vibrant colors of exotic fish and the soothing melody of running water. Start your morning by looking out your window and seeing cascading waterfalls, flowing streams, and end your day with the relaxing sounds of a babbling brook and the soothing aroma of night blooming lilies. So go ahead and give us a call 914-930-7442, 914-906-9245 or fill out our online request form, and start experiencing a tranquility that transcends today’s stressful world.

After the initial fill-up, a properly installed pond requires less water to maintain than the same size area would as a planter or a lawn. It is important that your project is designed and developed with expertise. Our ponds are designed to virtually care for themselves after an initial startup period is completed to balance the system. Tapias Landscaping can help you customize a design that works for you. Our professionalism and belief in customer service combined with passion in our field of expertise puts us a step above the rest.